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CND ShellacNail Treatments

Manicures/Pedicrues/Extensions and Painting

Treatment Price
Nail Extension
Transform your hands with natural looking new extensions, creating elegant and beautiful nails.
Full set of acrylics £30.00
Full set of acrylics with white tips £40.00
Full set of acrylics with shellac £40.00
Infills  £23.50
Re-whiten  £27.50
Infills and shellac £32.50
No smudges, zero drying time, high floss finish, lasts up to 14 days.
Shellac polish and file £17.50
Shellac French  £19.50
Shellac Manicure £30.50
Shellac mini manicure £21.50
Shellac Pedicure £36.50
Shellac Mini pedicure £27.50
Removal of shellac and file £10.00
Removal of shellac & Re polish £22.50
Shellac polish and chrome finish £24.50
Nail Art
Glitter per nail 0.50p
Gems per nail £1.00
Chrome per nail £1.00
Nail stamping from £1.00
Spa pedicure £26.50
French Pedicure £29.50
Deluxe pedicure £31.50
Mini pedicure £17.50
Callus peel mask £27.50
Callus peel and pedicure £33.00
Spa manicure  £20.50
French manicure  £21.50
Deluxe manicure  £28.50
Mini manicure £11.50
Polish and file  £7.50
Gentalman's manicure £18.00

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